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 13b Thoma-Wood House

107 S. B St., c. 1880

Now divided into apartments, it is strongly Italian with a low-pitched roof, white stone quoins on the corners of the building, and console brackets under the eaves of the roof.

Note the richly ornamented frieze accented with rope-like moldings.

Walk two blocks west on Washington Ave, then south on Main Street to Madison Ave.   Here you will find the next building (#14) on the Walking Tour, one of the "most architecturally distinctive homes in the Midwest".

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South side.  09-27-14
Thoma-Wood House

Close-up of stone quoins.  09-27-14
Thoma-Wood House

Northwest side, showing the front.  09-27-14
Thoma-Wood House

Ornamented frieze details, north side.  09-27-14
Thoma-Wood House

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